Sites I LOVE


There are a few Websites and Blogs that I love for various reasons and I thought I would share them with you…

Super Cook is great when I am trying to find a meal out of the fridge and pantry without needing to go to the shops! Simply type in the items you have and the site will work out a recipe for you!

Ikea Hackers is wonderful for ideas of many different ways to use IKEA (or other) furniture. Fun and funny easy to make ideas – especially for kids, such as lego table, train track trundle, cat bed, craft and storage units etc! Watch out – this is totally addictive!

Made It has lots of really gorgeous home made items and gifts…I LOVE the frilly nappy covers and pretty little girl clothes!

Attachment Parenting is a form of parenting where sling wearing / co sleeping is the norm and I love the closeness of this parenting idea. I do love to research this type of thing and find it fascinating.

Planning With Kids This is a blog about a big family and I love the organisational tips and ideas.


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